“Something always brings me back to you.”

My sister first told me about the MTV show “My Life as Liz” during my freshman year when it first aired. She said I looked and acted just like the titular character, and she recommended that I watch the show to see for myself.

The first episode I watched, “Liz’s Got Talent? Part 1” didn’t particularly impress me. Liz and I seemed to share a similar viewpoint on the world and the same humor to boot, but I wasn’t sold.

That soon changed when I watched the prior episode “My Sketchy Valentine” in which Liz finds herself bequeathed with red carnations by a “secret admirer.” Turns out, (SPOILER) that Cori Cooper, her popular arch nemesis, had sent the carnations to humiliate Liz when she would discover no such admirer at the Valentine’s Day dance.

I can pinpoint it to the very scene: after being shown up at the dance, Liz sits on the hood of her car (“Juno” style) while gazing pensively at the stars and thinks, “I wonder if it’s always going to be like this. I mean, am I going to be like 80 years old at the old folks’ home, and Bob with the bad prostate is going to stand me up at the holiday social? What if life is just one long continuation of high school?”

I was only about a semester into my own high school experience, but I couldn’t help but agree. I had already been stood up in a different way only a few months prior and had wondered the same thing: is it always going to be like this?

And even though the reality of the show is questionable, “My Life as Liz” immediately became one of my endearing guilty pleasures. Nearly two years have passed since I watched my first episode, and I’m still hooked on the first season.* There’s something undeniably relatable about the story of the slightly eccentric girl fighting her way through high school. Sure, Liz isn’t exactly the “nerd” she proclaims herself to be, but she offers a different perspective from the typical teen dramedy.

“My Life as Liz” is my comfort show.¬†Although it may not be the most universally accepted or even the most intellectually stimulating, I find comfort in the familiarity. I know all the lines, the jokes, the dramatic eye rolls, but I still find joy in watching it when home alone on one of those nights.

While I certainly enjoy other, perhaps wittier, shows, something always brings me back to Liz. It never takes too long.

*The second season not so much, but that’s another story.


Why I came and where I’m going

After a blissful year or so on Tumblr, I decided that my first little blog wasn’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Tumblr. I’ve met amazing people there, received words of wisdom from quotes and photos posted on the site, and learned a whole lot about a score of different fandoms I had no idea existed.

But the problem with Tumblr is that most people just want photos, fan-fiction, or funny observations. From what I’ve experienced, few people actually want to read long discourses of your inner thoughts. Unless you dumb it down a great deal and add a bunch of reaction gifs to accentuate your point.

So I came here. Here I shall post my thoughts on life, pop culture, adolescence, what have you.¬†I’ll be sure to keep it hip, and (more importantly) honest ’cause this is my not-so-humble opinion.

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