Why I came and where I’m going

After a blissful year or so on Tumblr, I decided that my first little blog wasn’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Tumblr. I’ve met amazing people there, received words of wisdom from quotes and photos posted on the site, and learned a whole lot about a score of different fandoms I had no idea existed.

But the problem with Tumblr is that most people just want photos, fan-fiction, or funny observations. From what I’ve experienced, few people actually want to read long discourses of your inner thoughts. Unless you dumb it down a great deal and add a bunch of reaction gifs to accentuate your point.

So I came here. Here I shall post my thoughts on life, pop culture, adolescence, what have you. I’ll be sure to keep it hip, and (more importantly) honest ’cause this is my not-so-humble opinion.


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